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Podiatry with a physiotherapy perspective

Unsure of whether your foot or lower limb related problems should be seen by podiatrist or physiotherapist? Why not eliminate the guess work and just see a health professional who is trained in both. The services our podiatrist and physiotherapist Dr Julie Pham offers are listed below:

Foot care & Maintenance

Our feet carry us across 128,000km in our lifetime and with that, various nail ailments and uncomfortable skin lesions can form which require podiatry attention

Child Foot Assessment

Children develop at such a rapid rate that it sometimes requires a biomechanical assessment to determine if extra intervention is needed to support their musculoskeletal system as they grow

Lower Limb Injuries

These kind of injuries frequently sneak up on us especially as we try to keep up in this fast-paced world.  It is critical to receive tailored treatment that will speed up your recovery and return to normal life

Sports Podiatry

Understanding the sport-specific tasks that are demanded by our feet is crucial to developing rehabilitation exercises and treatment that will keep the athlete going and excelling in their sport

Customised Orthotic Devices

We adopt traditional and effective methods that we know work to design a customised orthotic device that is practical and meets the needs of the client

Nail Surgery

Minor surgical procedures can be performed in clinic and are often painless with quick recovery back into normal shoes which allow you to get on with your day  

Online Booking Available